Putting content on the Fandom Realm site

You keep the copyright in any content you submit or upload to the website. In order to receive the Fandom Realm services, you grant Fandom Realm a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use and archive the content in accordance with or as reasonably contemplated by this agreement. When you submit or upload content on the website you represent and warrant that:

  • you own all copyright in the content, or if you are not the owner, that you have permission to use the content, and that you have all of the rights required to display, reproduce and sell the content.
  • the content you upload will not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity, including copyright, moral rights, trademark, patent or rights of privacy or publicity
  • Your use of the website will comply with all applicable law, rules and regulations.
  • the content does not contain material that defames or vilifies any person, people, races, religion or religious group and is not obscene, pornographic, indecent, harassing, threatening, harmful, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable.
  • the content does not include malicious code, including but not limited to viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, or any other computer programming routines that may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, program, data, or personal information; and the content is not misleading and deceptive and does not offer or disseminate fraudulent goods, services, schemes, or promotions.

Fandom Realm reserves the right to review and if in its sole discretion deemed necessary, remove any content from the website and / or cancel your account, because that content breaches your agreement with us and / or any applicable laws, or otherwise. You agree to indemnify Fandom Realm in respect of any direct or indirect damage caused due to your breach of one or more of these warranties.

Removing your artworks from the store-

  • As we already mentioned your artworks always belongs to you and you have all the rights to your artworks which means you can choose to not have your artworks on our store if you wish to.
  • Once requested the same we will immediately stop the manufacturing of your product, but your artworks may stay on the store for at least a month from the request of removal. Also, for some products it will stay on our websites till our stocks last of that particular product.

Intellectual Property and publicity rights

Fandom Realm community is built on respect and recognition of artists. We ask, rather we beg, that you remember this when you are posting work on Fandom Realm. If you make sure that all the works you upload consist of your very own, original ideas and are not infringing on the intellectual property or publicity rights of another, you will help us foster the supportive and creative environment that is Fandom Realm. AND, besides stealing other people’s work and passing it off as your own is against the law:

  • COPYRIGHT law protects the expression of an original idea recorded in a tangible form, such as artwork in the form of photographs or paintings and literary works in the form of poems or stories.
  • TRADEMARK law protects the use of words, symbols, designs or logos that identify and distinguish a source of goods.
  • PUBLICITY RIGHTS protect an individual’s name, image and likeness. Basically, this means you can’t use someone else’s identity, to your commercial advantage, without their consent.

A NOTE ON FAIR USE: You might be able to incorporate someone else's copyright or trademark into your own work, if you do it in such a way that that is considered "fair use" or in such a way that qualifies as another permissible use. However, please be aware that “fair use” typically applies in limited circumstances and isn’t the same as “freedom of speech”. Quite frankly “fair use” is a difficult concept, even for the experts, and the scope of “fair use” is different in different countries. So even if you think you’ve created a work covered by “fair use” or another permissible use, you should talk to an attorney prior to using it in connection with the Fandom Realm service. While some uses might appear “fair” or permissible to you, we ask that you understand that Fandom Realm must act in accordance with its Notice and Takedown procedure when a report has been received. Additionally, certain works may be taken down without a specific report being received if we are otherwise alerted or aware of potential infringement issues.

Ultimately, you take full responsibility for the works you upload and display on Fandom Realm. Use of the Fandom Realm website to sell artworks indicates acceptance of this Agreement.

So please do us all a favour and if someone has created or owns the rights to a picture, painting, photograph, logo, story, poem or any other work, copyright, trademark or publicity right (regardless of whether it’s an individual or a large global company), obtain consent before you use that work in connection with the Fandom Realm service. This will help ensure that you don’t infringe the rights of any third party and help us promote an encouraging and inspired environment at Fandom Realm filled with wit, soul, meaning and aesthetic genius.

REPEAT INFRINGER POLICY: It is Fandom Realm’s policy, in appropriate circumstances, to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users who repeatedly infringe or are repeatedly charged with infringing the copyrights, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights or publicity rights of others.

Notice and Takedown Procedure - Reports and Complaints

Fandom Realm respects the intellectual property rights of others and we ask our users to do the same.
If you believe that your content has been used in a way that constitutes an infringement of your rights, please notify us at [email protected] with a description of the matter claimed to have been infringed and a description of where the claimed infringing content is located on the Fandom Realm Store.

Fandom Realm may suspend or terminate users who in our opinion infringe the copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, or other rights of others purposely.

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