Why doesn't my coupon code work?

Here are some of the most common reasons why your coupon might not be working:

  • You may not have entered the code exactly as it was publicized -
    Try copying and pasting it and don't leave any additional characters or spaces.

  • The code may have expired -
    All Coupon codes' have an expiration date, ensure you use it before that happens.

  • The code may be only valid for a particular product or products -
    Double check that you're purchasing the right product for the code you want to use.

  • You didn't obtain your coupon from a valid source -
    These are: our website banner, social media post, or email promotions.

If you are still experiencing problems after checking all the boxes above, please contact our Customer Experience team using the link below. Include the details of the coupon code you're trying to use and we can assist you in placing your order.

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